Emer Cunningham


Emer is a former post-primary teacher of English and history who is enthusiastic about technology-enhanced learning and supporting teachers in this area. During her teaching career, Emer discovered an interest in Assistive Technology and its potential to empower learners who may struggle with specific learning needs. She has since supported multiple users of Assistive Technology to help them achieve their learning goals.

Currently working in the private sector, Emer has gained valuable experience for teachers and school leaders embarking on their digital learning journey. She has achieved her Apple Teacher badge and Apple Learning Leader accreditation and has delivered CPD and training on using iPads in education to teachers. She now works in a similar role delivering CPD and support to teachers using Interactive Flat Panel Displays in the west of Ireland. 

Despite no longer teaching in the classroom, Emer remains passionate about exploring the realm of technology-enhanced learning. She regularly attends CPD courses on technology-enhanced learning to further support school communities in their digital journey, with a particular interest in the use of AI in education.

Emer’s experience as a teacher has given her a deep understanding of the challenges that educators face in adapting to new technologies. She is committed to helping teachers embrace the power of technology and create dynamic learning environments that support all students.

Ann Marie hp

21 July 2020

HP is committed to helping young people acquire the digital skills they need to thrive. We are proud to be part of the Digital Schools Awards European initiative which aims to help schools to use the power of technology to improve learning outcomes and the development of higher level skills in students.