Teaching and Learning – SELFIE Digital Schools Academy Webinar Session 6

  Learn from experienced educators who are successfully using technology in the classroom.  This webinar focuses on Digital Teaching and Learning presented by mentor schools St Mungo’s High School in Scotland and St Aloysius College in Ireland.  Hosted by the SELFIE Digital Schools Academy team, this is the sixth in a series of webinars focusing … Read more

Collaboration and Networking – SELFIE Digital Schools Academy Webinar Session 3

Two exceptional school leaders Jess Power from Robert Gordon’s College in Aberdeen, Scotland and Lorraine McCool, Dominican College, Dublin, Ireland share their approaches to collaboration and networking in and outside the classroom. Hosted by the SELFIE Digital Schools Academy team, this is the third in a series of webinars focusing on the SELFIE self-reflection tool … Read more

Examples of Digital Action Planning from SELFIE Assessed Schools

Teachers from five schools share their approaches to using the SELFIE tool for digital action planning and development.  Profiled schools: Ireland – Dominican College Dublin Lithuania – Technologies and Business School of Ukmergė Scotland – Royal High School of Edinburgh Serbia – Branislav Nušić Primary School Slovenia – Brežice Grammar School

Leadership Series #3 Sarah Jenkins Rosebank Primary School, Scotland

Joanna Maclean, Digital Schools Awards talks to Sarah Jenkins, Rosebank Primary School about their approach to attaining and maintaining school improvements in digital literacy. Rosebank Primary is a city centre school in Dundee, Scotland and is located in an area of high deprivation. 270 pupils attend Rosebank which is based on a community campus that … Read more

Ann Marie hp

21 July 2020

HP is committed to helping young people acquire the digital skills they need to thrive. We are proud to be part of the Digital Schools Awards European initiative which aims to help schools to use the power of technology to improve learning outcomes and the development of higher level skills in students.