Digital Schools Awards
European programme

Building the community of digital schools in Europe.

The Digital Schools Awards European programme is an initiative to promote and recognise the use of digital technology to deliver the best educational experience for pupils at primary and secondary school level in Europe.

How it works

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Participating schools self assess developments in digital technology using the SELFIE tool.

Need Help?

Help is available from our digital education experts, teacher training webinars, online resources and supports.

Share Evidence

Share examples of good practices. A useful checklist is provided to help and guide schools on your digital journey.


When ready submit your application. Receive feedback, analysis and recommendations on how your school has met the award criteria.

Achieve Award

Celebrate and be recognised for your achievements. Set goals and actions for further development. Join a growing community of digital schools across Europe.

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The Digital Schools Awards programme is focused on strengthening the professional profile of teachers by developing resources and learning experiences that are relevant and focused on enhancing digital education practices.

Schools and teachers who participate in the programme will have their practices acknowledged and will join a growing community of digital schools in Europe.

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Digital Schools across Europe

Our community of digital schools are using SELFIE to engage in self-reflection and are actively working to improve their practices. We invite you to connect and learn from awarded mentor schools and teachers across Europe. We hope that their stories and lessons learned can be powerful in helping other teachers to embrace digital technology more deeply.
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Schools across Europe are taking part in the programme coordinated in partnership by


Ann Marie hp

21 July 2020

HP is committed to helping young people acquire the digital skills they need to thrive. We are proud to be part of the Digital Schools Awards European initiative which aims to help schools to use the power of technology to improve learning outcomes and the development of higher level skills in students.