Joanna Maclean


Joanna is a Digital Schools Award Validator for Scotland. She is a dedicated educator with over 28-years expertise in embedding technology to enhance lessons and engage students of all ages: nursery, primary, and secondary. As a certified coach, she strives to empower others through a culture of coaching and servant leadership, and is part of the GTCS’s National PRD & PL Steering Group. Joanna is a certified project manager (PRINCE2 Agile) and devised the vision which led to her Primary school being the first school in Scotland to receive the Digital Schools Award in 2016. Her Secondary was the first in the UK and Ireland to receive this coveted award in 2017. As well as pedagogical expertise Joanna is digitally astute, administering devices, systems and processes e.g. MIS, VLE, BYOD, and MDM’s. She is a Microsoft Innovative Education Expert, Apple Teacher and is Google certified. Joanna is a member of Education Scotland’s National Technology Network, however her focus is on pedagogy over technology, in particular the development of Meta-skills, which is the focus of her PhD thesis in Educational Technology at Lancaster University. Joanna is affectionally known to her family as as she is passionate about all things digital.

Ann Marie hp

21 July 2020

HP is committed to helping young people acquire the digital skills they need to thrive. We are proud to be part of the Digital Schools Awards European initiative which aims to help schools to use the power of technology to improve learning outcomes and the development of higher level skills in students.